Establishment History

Actually, the histories of creation and development of the three companies presented on this web page quite differ. However, they have much in common due to the fact that their renewal took place in the timeframe between July 2014 and January 2015.

All three companies situated on the front line in the area of the antiterrorist operation: Avdiyivka and Debaltsevo are among the hottest spots.

They say a friend is known in trouble, and we have ascertained the truth of this statement. The most valuable staff and our reliable partners did not leave us in difficult times.

It allowed us to carry out our production activities and provide supplies - with the exception of the days when direct hits of artillery were destroying our equipment. In between of shellings we recovered and kept working.

Many thanks to all who worked with and supported us during this difficult period for us and the whole country.

What does not kill us – makes us stronger. We have ascertained the truth of this statement too. Today we have  rebooted our system of values, as well as our vision towards alternatives, and that is what we would like to share with you and implement on your enterprises.

Since December 2016, we decided to fully share our business among its core areas. Therefore, we created new enterprises, where the assets are transfered today. It is planned to complete separation until February 2016. 

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