How to save by using fuel oil instead of residual oil?

In the context of the economic crisis reducing of costs is very important.

Use of residual oil for boilers is almost the thing of the past. At a time when every copeck counts, every manager thinks about saving money on fuel.

The a-power company will help you to save up to 30% of your funds by using fuel oil.

What are the main advantages of the a-power fuel oil:

  • Thermal conductance
  • High combustion temperature
  • Easy storage (even a tank outdoors is sufficient)
  • Low congelation point (up to -15 C)

    This makes it possible to easily use fuel oil instead of residual oil for heating and boilers.

    Recommendations for the use of fuel oil in boilers with a conventional equipment:

    1. Oil-resistant rubber gaskets and seals, preferably of asbestos graphite sealing, must be installed in pumps.
    2. In winter, for the activity degree I, it is necessary to apply the gear pumps, such as Ш30, Ш50. For the activity degree II it is possible to use not only the gear, but the centrifugal pumps. 
    3. Use mechanical nozzles D 1.5-2.0 mm. 
    4. It is recommended to place oil-intakes at the bottom of capacity in order to eliminate water penetration into the nozzles of boilers, because fuel oil has a greater specific gravity than water.

    Our alternative fuel is produced in Ukraine, what makes us more competitive in the pricing policy.

    The company's experts will provide you with a comprehensive advice on the use of fuel oil, will assist in its firing.

    We also provide guarantee for our alternative fuels.

    We guarantee the quality of fuel oil complies with TU 24.1-00190443-121-2001, subject to the conditions of proper transportation and storage.


    For a consultation on the use of fuel oil and the savings by 30% please call: 

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    How to save money using alternative fuels?
    we will help you save up to 30%!