Boiler fuel

Boiler fuel

Save 30% using an alternative fuel oil.

Designed by the specialists of "A-power" boiler fuel - an alternative to traditional gas and fuel oil. With performance calorific value higher than that of gas (with the physical and chemical characteristics of the fuel oil can be found here), fuel oil unpretentious in storage (pour point of -10 ° C), and is on average 30% less gas and fuel oil.

Boiler fuel intended for combustion in furnaces and boilers, technological and energy equipment. It is ideal for industrial enterprises, which are used in its manufacturing cycle pairs (distilleries, dairies, silos for grain drying, thermal power plants, heating utilities for water heating, and so on. D.)

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Promptly we deliver our products to any point of Ukraine, CIS and Europe. All orders are processed within a day.All components are manufactured in Ukraine and the prices are not pegged to foreign currencies.We provide comprehensive advice on the use of our products. A full range of services: renovations, service, help in burning.

The comparative table of the main fuels

Natural gasFuel oil M100Boiler fuel TACBoiler fuel TKKC
Calorific value:8000 kcal/kgCalorific value:9000 kcal/kgCalorific value:9000 kcal/kgCalorific value:8200 kcal/kg
Pour point:+10 ° CPour point:+15 ° CPour point:-10 ° CPour point:0 ° C
Price:6840 UAH (including VAT)Price:6300 UAH (including VAT)Price:4700 UAH (including VAT)Price:3700 UAH (including VAT)


Certificates for alternative fuel oilо

Boiler fuel produced by the requirements of TU and TU U 24.1-00190443-121-2001 320-00190443-042-97. All products are certified.
If necessary, we are able to change the settings on TUU according to customer wishes.

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How to save money using alternative fuels?
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