«a-pоwer» Group of Companies

    «А-power» is made of the three companies which have united under one brand name for the sake of a common goal: the production and promotion of alternative products.

    The alternative, in our point of view, is some infinite concept, as it can be applicable in all areas of energy, industry and the national economy. It is not just a replacement of such products as natural gas or residual oil with fuel oil, and a subsequent replacement of fuel oil with coal, coal with briquettes, and so on ad infinitum, but also a replacement of existing equipment with the alternative ones, but more efficient and with a less energy consumption. This is also a proposal of an alternative logistics with a better economic component for the Customer, compared to the existing supply chains.

    The purpose of establishment of  "A-power» is to create such relationships between competitive companies, that would benefit and ensure development of all members of the Group. Therefore, we are always ready and open for cooperation with enterprises of different forms of ownership, operating in the same industries that we are.

The basis for the name and the logo is the concept of energy itself. It is infinite and, according to the energy conservationlaw, does not arise out of nowhere and does not disappear without a trace, passing from one form into another. The letter "A" in our name is not accidental. "A-power», because:

  • А – is the first letter of cyrillic and latin alphabets
  • А – is an alernative: we associate our businesses with alternative types of fuel and alternative solutions for various tasks.
  • A – is Аvdiyivka: exactly here we performed our first entrepreneurship steps
  • «Alter Group» – is the name of one of our enterprises.
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