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Coke Fuel Oil

Fuel oil – is an oil derived on the basis of products of coke production and intended for combustion in furnaces and boilers of technological and energy equipment. Fuel oil is made in accordance with the Technical Requirements and Specifications TU 24.1-00190443-121-2001 and TU U 320-00190443-042-97.

Physical and chemical characteristics of fuel oil

IndicatorNorm per grade
Mass fraction of total sulfur %, no more than0,82,03,03,5
Conventional viscosity (CV) of the product at 80°C, not more than2,03,05,08,0
Water content, %, not more than4,05,08,010,0
Congelation point of the product, °С, not more than-10+10+15+15
Mass fraction of mechanical impurities, %, not more than-1,01,52,0
Flash point in open crucible, undrained fuel, °C, not lower67708085
Ash content, %, not more0,10,50,81,0
The lowest heat of combustion, in terms of a dry fuel, kJ/kg (kcal/kg), not less9000820079007500

If necessary, we can change the settings of the Technical Requirements and Specifications TUU to meet the Customer's requirements.

Packaging and labeling of fuel oil

In the process of packaging and labeling of fuel oil, it is poured into the tank wagons and tankers. Marking of tank wagons and tankers shall be in accordance with the shipping rules.

Recommendations for the use of fuel oil in boilers with conventional equipment:

Oil-resistant rubber gaskets and seals, preferably of asbestos graphite sealing, must be installed in pumps.

In winter, for the activity degree I it is necessary to apply the gear pumps, such as Ш30, Ш50. For the activity degree II it is possible to use not only the gear, but the centrifugal pumps.

Use mechanical nozzles D 1,5-2,0 mm. It is recommended to place oil-intakes at the bottom of capacity in order to eliminate water penetration into the nozzles of boilers, because fuel oil has a greater specific gravity than water.

Safety requirements and environmental protection

Production, use and transportation of fuel oil to be carried out in accordance with the fire safety rules and regulations of Ukraine. The fuel oil is a hazardous goods because of presence of volatile components, the core components have passed the state registration subject to hazardous factors. The fuel oil is a flammable liquid, so its production and storage facilities, as well as process technology and equipment must meet the State Standard GOST 12.1.004 DSTU 3273 and the rules of fire safety; for raw materials used in manufacturing, flammable characteristics must be specified in technical conditions. All equipment and distribution pipelines of the production process are sealed, air emissions meet maximum permissible emission values (MPEV) of the enterprise.

Conditions of use of fuel oil

In order to ensure a complete combustion of fuel it is required to maintain an excess air ratio not lower than 1.2. Due to the fact that the fuel contains moisture, which forms stable emulsions – the fuel is not subject of dehydration by combustion.


We guarantee the quality of fuel oil complies with TU 24.1-00190443-121-2001, subject to the conditions of proper transportation and storage.

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