Sleeper impregnation oil

Sleeper impregnation oil is a coal tar oil used for impregnation of wood, composed of a mixture of phenols has a very important technical significance.

Sleeper impregnation oil is used for preserving wood, which prevents a decay of the natural wood, as well as for the production of synthetic resins. Sleeper impregnation oil is manufactured in accordance with TU GOST 2770-74.

Physical and chemical indicators of sleeper impregnation oil:

IndicatorNorm according to TU
Density at 20°C, kg/, not more than1090-1130
The volume fraction of water, not more than1,5
The volume fraction of topping up to 360, not less than70
The volume fraction of topping up to 31530-50
The volume fraction of topping up to 27510-35
The volume fraction of topping up to 2103

Safety requirements and environmental protection:

Sleeper impregnation oil is quite a toxic product. Wood treated with sleeper impregnation oil is often used for the construction of various facilities that are dangerous to human health. Sleeper impregnation oil affects the nervous system, can cause pigmentation and burns by those who are engaged in wood processing, as well as is a potential carcinogen. One needs also to pay attention to the fact that coal oil for the impregnation of wood is a combustible substance, with the ignition temperature about 150° C, and the auto-ignition temperature - about 530° C. Sleeper impregnation oil is flammable and soluble in water, alcohol, ether. It is very poisonous.

Packaging and labeling

Since sleeper impregnation oil is a dangerous substance, at the moment of packaging and labeling it is poured into either tank wagons or closed metal containers. Transportation is carried out in accordance with the "Rules on transportation of dangerous goods."


We guarantee the quality of sleeper impregnation oil icomplies with the technical requirements, subject to the conditions of proper transportation and storage. The warrantable storage life of sleeper impregnation oil makes 12 months as of the date of manufacture.

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