Dear colleagues, you are greeted by the a-power system of companies.
Who are we? And why us? Because!

Here is a glimpse at our history:

On January 21, 2015, Anatoliy Zdorovets submitted an application for registration of the a-power trademark.

The main goal of "a-power" is to get alternative kCal and kW, a complete departure from the "wandering" and the transition to modern technology. The means of achieving this goal was the group of companies "a-power", which included LLC "Alter Group", LLC "A - Energy", LLC "A-coal", MP LLC "Experienced production". Unfortunately, the success of these companies was based on administrative resources and a vertically integrated rollback, so the main goal of A-power was not achieved. From April 2019, none of the above companies have anything to do with "a-power".

On September 1, 2019, the A-POWER LLC company was established and the a-power enterprise system was structured, where everyone works as a single "boxing team" aimed at the ultimate goals!

Main goals:

  • Recycling of raw materials to obtain cheap and high-quality fuel alternatives;
  • An alternative exchange with the possibility of purchasing options for our products, without expiration dates;
  • Construction of mini thermal power plants, implementation and use of the obtained kCal and kW;
  • Fighting kickbacks in all areas of business where "a-power" is present;
  • The transition to "green" fuels by 2024.

PS. Together we will be able to clean our Ukraine not only from raw materials, but also from dirt in business relations! We are always looking for like-minded people in this.